Skinny Carney is the stage name of Singer, Musician and Songwriter, Kevin Carney from Co. Carlow. Kevin’s debut release is Pickin’ Songs, a selection of Townes Van Zandt, Blaise Foley and Bob Dylan covers. You can listen to Pickin Songs below.

Skinny Carney

I first became interested in American folk music about 10 years ago. I was initially attracted to the Travis picking style on the Acoustic guitar, and the American outlaw/troubadour style lyrics. 

At first, I found Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk. I bought my first X-series Martin Acoustic and spent hours upon hours trying to figure out the intricate guitar melodies and then learn to sing over them. 

Eventually I got to the stage where I could start to try and play them to unsuspecting people! It was a big change from the songs I’d usually bash out at a party so I didn’t know what to expect. I found the best time for this style was at the end of the night/session when most of the singing and roaring was finished and people were more relaxed. The folk songs went down really well. There’s a time and place for most types of music! I guess it’s just something a little different! People would remember them and ask me to play them again the next night. 

More recently, I’ve discovered there’s so many talented artists in this genre. Townes Van Zandt and Blaze Foley being two I’ve been particularly interested in. Townes has been a real inspiration. 

So, I’ve decided to record some music this year for the first time. Just some covers to start with, and what better way to start than record some of my favourite American folk songs! 

I hope anyone listening enjoys the songs and check out these artists if you haven’t heard of them yet.