Aoife Whelan is a nineteen-year-old and aspiring singer-songwriter from Co. Carlow. Aoife has big goals to be a world-renowned Irish singer songwriter and is eager to start her career. She has just completed her first year studying songwriting in Dublin’s music college BIMM. Now, has recorded and wrote her debut single My Robin. The song was Recorded Mixed and Mastered at Flash Studios and is out now. Store Links Below.



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I could sing before I could talk, well the first time I remember someone truly listening to me was when I was singing. Ever since then I sang but songwriting found me. I became enamored with creating something only I could make. My songs may not be the best or the worst but they’re uniquely crafted by me solely. I wrote this song at a very vulnerable time of my life. This song was a way to process my experience with grief after losing my grandfather. I found in his human absence, a robin took his physical spot here on earth. He’s following me always. I never necessarily had the intention to release it publicly while writing it but my time at flash studios instilled in me the desire to share my song with the world.  

Sonically it’s one of my simpler songs but I feel that’s why its perfect for my debut as it’s simply just me and how I feel there’s no obvious influences or imitations I feel like from the production or arrangements. The process was blind creativity 

I hope people find an affinity for song and discover some solace in it.