We regularly have bands in to record with us here at Flash Studios, and one of the first discussions that often takes place, is the order to do things in. Usually the band themselves have an idea as to the workflow that would like to undertake, and they usually have a particular order in which they would like to record each element of the compositions. Sometimes this can throw up unexpected issues for the recording engineer as it’s not always apparent how to establish a good base for the project in terms of the first element recorded. May bands don’t like playing to a metronome (or click) and as a result opt to record without the aid. This can mean an overall ‘looser’ sound which the band are not used to as when they play live together, doesn’t exist so the resultant quality of the recording isn’t as tight as they’d hope for.

In advance of any session where we thing this may be a possibility, we always advise the band or act in question to actually practice recording themselves on a multi track basis. Inevitably, when it comes to studio time, there will have been the required alterations made to any composition that doesn’t lend itself to multi track recording, and they will be appropriately prepared.