Many of our inquiries here at Flash Studios come from emerging talents. Musicians, Singer / Songwriters, DJs or other acts looking to break into the music industry. When you are starting off on your journey, there’s a lot to learn. Until you manage to get that ever elusive management or record deal, you’re on your own kid! What does that mean exactly? Well, just that. You have to do everything. EVERYTHING. You are the talent, the manager, the agent, the promoter, the accountant, everything! Don’t stress though, it’s ok. When it comes to the releasing music part, we’ve got you covered!

Recording and releasing your own independent record, has essentially no limit to the amount of work involved in the process from start to finish. That’s where we can help! Asides from the recording and post production process, we are regularly engaged for consultancy services to offer advise to music acts ahead of an upcoming release. Naturally, this involvement can be at a peripheral, or indeed more in depth / hands on level, depending on the clients requirements.

Some of the main areas of discussion we can help with are:

  • Music Distribution
  • Promoting Your Release
  • Royalties, Copyright & The Finances

If you are embarking on a journey of releasing your first record and want to maximise your chances of a good return on your investment, talk to us today.