Hi everybody!
As we stroll into 2022, our crew here at Flash Studios are delighted to announce our latest project, Flash Studios Music. What’s that I hear you say. Well, Flash Studios Music is our brand spanking new Record Label here at Flash Studios. It is designed to be an avenue for any of our current or past clients (as well as independent artists that aren’t clients of ours) to release their much loved music creations to the world.

Record Labels (and what they look and feel like) have changed quite a bit in recent years with the introduction of digital streaming services and the associated changes to consumption trends among music lovers. As a result, Record Labels are much more diverse than they used to be in the past, with many much smaller record labels emerging onto the market. The need for a corporate office, A&R staff and a huge budget to sign up acts and fund their tours in order to qualify as a Record Label isn’t necessarily the only way to do things anymore. Flash Studios Music will essentially be a way to get music out to the world, for now. World domination may soon follow, we’ll see.

Our releases will be available on all of the major digital streaming and download platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many more.

Stay tuned, more info to follow soon…
Flash Studios
January 4th 2022