Podcasts have risen in popularity exponentially in recent years. It seems that every second person has a podcast series covering some topic of discussion or other, which is really a fantastic way to utilise the internet in all it’s glory! I recently found a 7 episode podcast on Soundcloud on Knitting and Crocheting. Wonderful! Here at Flash Studios we are launching a new Podcast specific pricing structure, designed specifically for regular podcasters that would like to record and release episodes on a frequent basis. We have full podcast recording facilities available, with special recurring rates, aimed to facilitate regular, shorter recording sessions to allow weekly or bi-weekly episodes of your podcast, with further reductions available for batch bookings of more than 10 podcast recording sessions.

We can cater for large group discussions if required and we also offer Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime recording facilities where required, with audio only options including phone, ISDN, WhatsApp and more.

In addition to the recording process, we also offer add on’s such as editing, podcast distribution and consultancy. We understand the process, and can advise accordingly.

If you fancy your podcasting abilities and want to get that idea off the ground, get in touch with us today.