When we begin working with new clients here at the studio, we often find ourselves having the discussion about the benefits of mixing the recorded work as an entirely separate discipline to the recording session. Why do it? Is it worth the time? And effort? And cost!? The short answer. Yes. It absolutely is. Spending time recording your creation and NOT having it mixed would be akin to a carpenter spending lots of time and effort planning the design for say a new coffee table for example. Sourcing the right materials, measuring and cutting out all of the wood, re-checking everything, gathering the right screws, brackets etc and piecing the item together, and then stopping there! Will it look like a coffee table? Yes. Is it finished? Hell naw!

After the overall structure has been formed, the edges will still be rough, and will need sanding, planing and rounding. The tabletop will need to be completely level, the legs need a design or pattern. The feet need to be rounded to sit level on the floor. The top of the table will need a slight overhang to ensure ease of movement and correct feeling for the user. (Are you impressed with my carpentry knowledge here, because I am!). What I’m saying here is even though the structure has been formed in the initial stage of creating the coffee table (the recording process), the creative detail, finesse and hidden beauty of your rough coffee table, can only shine through when mixed. It takes on a whole new level of beauty when you mix your music, or coffee table!