Podcasts are always a popular choice as a marketing tool for that new business idea, or that series you’ve always wanted to explore in detail with some well informed guests. They’re simple to do, right? Well, sort of. There’s a lot to them! Recording, editing, hosting, distribution, SEO, marketing, graphic design, metadata.


These are all topics to be considered and they all present challenges. Why not leave it to us to look after all the technical stuff, and free yourself up to look after the content. Here at Flash Studios we have a range of different Podcast packages available; from one off special documentaries, to 10 episode podcast series, we cater for all projects, without breaking the budget.


We have a multiple options for you, the podcast creator:

  • Recording & File Delivery to you (you do the rest of the work)
  • Recording, Editing and audio Post Production (to get everything sounding all nice and polished)
  • Podcast Chanel Setup incl hosting provider, distribution to all nominated platforms, budgeting, analytics tracking and reports (we look after things)
  • Graphic Design of Podcast artwork
  • Full Marketing Strategy & Social Media management
  • Consultancy and Marketing Advisory service


We have a range of options for guest interviews too, whether that’s over Skype, zoom, whats-app or good ol ring-a-ling-ding landline or mobile phone, or indeed in person., we can accommodate everything.

Why not get that Podcast idea off the ground today, with a dedicated Podcast package from Flash Studios. Contact us for more.