Recording is our primary service here at Flash Studios and we are the leading studio for demo production and recording space in Co. Carlow.

Many of our clients are emerging bands, musicians, soloists and vocalists who use our facility to produce a professional standard demo to use as part of their own promotion campaign.
Our recording service provides a second to none facility for live room recording, with a choice of multi track layered recordings or split real-time recording with booth separation and isolation. Our studio comes equipped with several high end microphones for vocal, instrument and percussion recording projects as well as a number of specialist pieces for those unique challenges.

Many of our clients have no previous experience in a recording studio environment and, like the transition from the practice room to the live stage, the art of performing in a recording environment is a skill set within itself, with a number of challenges for debutants.
To assist with this, we offer a number of recording packages that take the pressures of time constants off you the musician. Contact us today for full details.

Mixing & Mastering


The Solo Package
Available to Solo Musicians / Vocalists only

The Dual Package
Available to any vocals / instrument combination

The Band Package
Available to 4 piece bands

The Specialist Package
Available to groups of up to 8 musicians