Here at Flash Studios we offer professional standard recording services to Musicians, Singer / Songwriters, Vocalists, Bands, Groups, Voiceover Artists, Podcasters, Interviewers etc.

All of our recording is done on a multi-track basis. Some of our most popular projects include:

  • Full album recordings for Bands or Musicians.
  • Demo recording for Wedding Singers, Entertainers or Aspiring acts
  • Self Released Singles and Albums for Singer/Songwriters, Musicians & Bands

Mixing & Mastering

We offer full post production (Mixing & Mastering) services to DJ/Producers & Record Labels within the dance music scene as well as recorded work from Musicians, Singer / Songwriters, Vocalists, Bands or Groups.
Some of our most popular project types include:

  • Edit & Extended Version Mastering for DJ / Producers
  • Release Package (Radio Edit, Original Club Mix and nominated remix) Mastering for Record Labels
  • Full album Mixing for Singer / Songwriters
  • Mixing & Mastering for 12 track album for a 4 piece band


We provide classes & tutorials for both small groups and on a one-on-one basis in the following areas.

  • Music Production
  • Sound Engineering
  • Music Theory & Performance
  • DJing & Live Sound
  • Radio Broadcasting