In the past few weeks we have seen the re-emergence of live gigs, even though they’re on a much smaller scale than previously. It means that bars, restaurants and even coffee shops around Ireland are now welcoming musicians, singer / songwriters, solo instrumentalists, spoken word artists and other performers back to their businesses to entertain their much loved paying customers.

Are you one of these performers? Do you play some serious cover versions on guitar? Are you ready to gig again? Do venues know what you sound like? Do you have a professional sounding demo? See where we’re going with this?

A good quality demo is key to getting those all important bookings now that gigs are back. Let us look after that for you. We have a range of options for all musicians and artists here at Flash Studios. Get in touch today to discuss your needs. Recording, Mixing, Mastering and advisory and consultation services available to everyone. Give us a call or drop us a mail.