Hiya, I’m Chris Ward, I am a DJ, Producer & Radio Presenter, and I am the owner of Flash Studios. I have been building and developing my sound as a DJ on what I call a ‘multi-platform approach’ since I was a teenager. I often describe my efforts as like keeping spinning plates on the air. Building a sound as a producer takes time and I have been tackling it from multiple angles for a number of years. Since I started out on this journey, I have been expanding my knowledge of music production on a progressive learning basis, essentially to get better at making music which would further my career as a DJ/Producer. That was the aim from day one. Along the way, like most musicians, DJs or music heads, I began to build up a collection of gear and equipment, as well as a huge collection of music. I progressed from a corner of our converted garage in my family home, on to a converted garden shed eventually moving the operation out of my house and over to my current commercial space where I have a fully functional recording, production and post production studio that I work from full time.

The converted garden shed was really cool and served as my studio and the base for my pirate radio station as a teenager too, but things were expanding and I needed more space. After crunching the numbers and finding a cool spot, I began planning and designing my new studio. My original plan was to build a dedicated production computer, get some really cool features like a vocal booth to allow me to record vocalists that I may be collaborating with on future releases, setup some office space with a desk, maybe a coffee machine, gig posters on the wall etc, and to basically just use it as a hangout for my own work. I had everything planned out exactly as I wanted it. I found the perfect spot in Carlow town, signed the lease and began the move. Naturally, a project like that ALWAYS takes far more work, time and resources than ever predicted, so things took a bit longer than anticipated. During the process of moving in, a friend that was helping me move some boxes just casually asked ‘are you going to open it up to the public to book?’ That wasn’t part of the initial plan so I answered no, however looking at what I had available to me, it seemed like I had missed a trick! I really liked the idea of starting a new project of what would essentially be a commercially available recording and production space, at the same time as building my new production studio for my own work. It made total sense! I altered the plans a little by making the vocal booth a little larger (to allow a little more space for instruments etc) and purchased some additional equipment such as microphones, pre-amp’s, additional plugins, music stands, more cables etc. Once the name had been decided upon, I got to work developing a brand for Flash Studios. Our first logo, website and social media channels were initiated and we were open for business!

I quickly came to realise that my experience producing my own music was an invaluable aid, in particular when it came to post production; mixing and mastering. Through my own personal networking with other DJs and Producers, I had always been receiving requests to work (on a post production basis) with other producers, to help them get a track or EP sounding that bit better. The mixing and mastering end of things was always something I considered to be one of my strong points so I focused on developing that area of Flash Studios. I have been building up a bank of clients for well in excess of 10 years now and have been fortunate to have worked with some exceptionally talented DJ/Producers, record labels and remixers in that time.

As well as the post production end of things for dance music projects (which were, and still are, my bread and butter) I began receiving requests through the Flash Studios channels for studio time from local musicians, bands, singer / songwriters, vocalists and groups, looking to record demo’s or material for release. At the beginning I drafted in the help of a friend who was much more experienced with the recording end of things and began learning from him. Eventually the two skill sets began to merge and I was soon producing albums for releasing bands and artists at the studio.

Today, (Monday June 29th 2020 to be exact) as Ireland emerges from under the fog of what many people see as over-reactionary Covid 19 lockdown restrictions, Flash Studios is getting back to fully operational as my full time base for my own production efforts as well as my post production work with other DJ / Producers. The studio is also available for a wide range of services musicians, bands or music acts my require including Recording, Mixing & Mastering. We also offer tutorials here at the studio to help develop the knowledge base of aspiring producers or engineers, whatever area of music they find themselves in.

We continue to develop and expand our services here at the studio and have some cool aims for the coming months. Details to follow.

Contact us if you need any of our services, we’d love to hear what you’re working on.
Chris x

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